Networked Insights Extends Twitter Relationship to Movie Solution

Networked Insights

September 24th, 2014
by Dave Parro
Chicago, Illinois

Marketing decisions platform also named to Twitter Certified Products Program as recognition for creating unique value for marketers

Networked Insights has introduced a new solution that brings next-generation marketing support to the movie industry. With direction from Twitter, the SocialSense SaaS technology has been extended as a configurable solution for movie studios, acting as a best practice for using real-time consumer data to change the way movie marketing is planned, created and managed.

The product officially launched on Sept. 23 at an event in Los Angeles that brought together major studios, using the hashtag #Twitter4Movies. The event showcased Twitter as a hub for movie conversations, and demonstrated how social conversation surrounding entertainment can be understood in marketing terms.

SocialSense provides studios intuitive technology to identify audiences such as genre and franchise fans, discover consumer affinities, optimize campaigns to improve consumer perceptions and movie-going intent, and enhance Twitter platform targeting. Networked Insights has extensive experience working with studios, robust consumer classification capabilities, configurable SaaS platform, and enterprise marketing orientation.

Networked Insights’ SocialSense platform has also earned a spot in the Twitter Certified Products Program, which helps businesses select products that extend the value of Twitter, further validating this relationship in entertainment and most brand verticals. SocialSense technology is recognized as being purpose-built to integrate real-time consumer data into brand marketing activities.

Troy Noble, Vice President of Solutions at Networked Insights, said that inclusion in the Twitter Certified Program signifies that SocialSense offers brand marketers and studios timely and actionable consumer insight well beyond standard use of social data, as well as traditional data from surveys and focus groups.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Twitter Certified Program and to introduce this movie solution,” Noble said. “We look forward to working with Twitter to provide studios and other brands with smarter, faster, audience-centric marketing insights. Movie studios have only one chance to launch a movie, and Twitter provides critical early indicators that allow studios to navigate the competitive marketplace with far greater clarity about what is working and what can be improved.”

SocialSense constantly classifies Tweets and the social web in over 15,000 ways, encompassing virtually everything that matters to your audience and brand. This classification organizes data around marketing elements to make research and discovery easy. As part of the Twitter Certified Products Program, SocialSense will help marketers meet their business goals by better understanding their audiences, interests and relationship with their brand. Similarly, the movie solution distills movie conversations into actionable insights for movie studios.

“Our movie solution will assist studios to maximize the unique power Twitter provides to more precisely understand, engage and activate the optimal audiences for each movie throughout a movie’s journey to opening weekend,” said Howard Ballon, General Manager of Media and Entertainment at Networked Insights. “We look forward to working with Twitter and studios to take advantage of early indicators of marketing momentum long before the final campaign push.”

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Networked Insights, which enhances consumer data from the social web to be decision-ready for brand marketing professionals, helps companies make more effective marketing decisions by providing them a real-time window into brand, consumer and competitor behavior. The SocialSense marketing decisions platform provides companies with easy-to-use and powerful technology to identify audiences, discover customer interests, get instant campaign feedback, assess brand health, track purchase behavior and measure sales lift.