Workface Unveils HTML5 Chat Application, Boosting Customer and Client Experience

Flexible New Feature Will Offer Mobile Chat From Any Device or Platform

(Minneapolis, Minn. – June 10, 2014) – Workface, the leading solution for real-time and uniquely humanized Web-based sales enablement, today introduces its HTML5 Chat application. A mobile-enhanced form of the company’s popular chat functionality, the new application will make chat available to both agents and customers from all platforms and mobile browsers, offering seamless and responsive interactions from any device.

Workface founder and CTO Lief Larson said the responsive user interface shift will enhance both the business and customer experiences. Unlike previous versions of chat that required downloaded software or plug-ins, the application will offer immediate connectivity from mobile or tablet devices. Customers will enjoy faster and simplified access to agents, without worrying about compatibility issues or waiting to reach a desktop computer.

“HTML5 will act as a sort of passport that will allow Workface users to go wherever they want and interact wherever they are,” Larson said. “Customers will be able to use virtually any Web-connected device to choose when and where they’d like to chat and who they’d like to chat with. By providing the interaction they need, when they need it, HTML5 will provide customers with unprecedented flexibility and convenience, while businesses will be able to deepen engagement and get a closer look at their customers’ needs.”

In addition to being cross-compatible with all major browsers, HTML5 will have a mobile compatibility not found in other apps, which are typically developed with mobile-unfriendly code. As part of the company’s mission to reintroduce the human touch to online interactions, Workface 2.0 will release later this year and feature HTML5 and mobile access built into the platform. The enhanced sales enablement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution will deliver even more options for real-time, one-on-one communications with prospective and current clients.

“The Workface vision is a world where online sales and customer service offer both convenience and a personal touch,” said Kevin Erdman, Workface CEO. “Digital does not need to mean dehumanized. Whether customers want text, audio or video chat, or are building a relationship with a specific agent, Workface delivers meaningful interactions that satisfy customers, boost sales, and offer business insights.”

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